2 terminal blower motor?


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Dec 23, 2019
See attached photo

Car is a 78 with factory A/C. Replacing my blower motor while the car is apart. Any new blower motors I have found online only have one terminal, whereas mine has two. Had anyone else run into this?

I’m assuming the tan wire is power and the black one is ground. Maybe I will just have to ground the black wire to one of the firewall bolts on the new motor with a ring terminal?


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Feb 26, 2004
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It looks like a ring terminal held to the blower flange with the mounting screw and not connected to the blower wiring internally.

Normally... The ground side of the circuit is the blower motor flange itself connected to the firewall.

However, that ground could actually be for another circuit.
Or someone put a gasket beneath the blower motor and the other end of the black wire is a second ground for the blower just to assure a good connection.

Follow the black wire and see where it goes.

Jim Streib

Apr 6, 2004
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On the cars I have had with AC, the blower motor ground tab is an added right angle bent tab with a hole that uses one of the bolts to hold the blower to the AC suitcase housing. Since the AC suitcase housing is not of a conducting material like the cars with the steel heater only firewall box, then this is why there is an added ground on the AC setup.

A short wire with a 1/4" female terminal pushes onto the ground tab that is on one of the blower motor's mounting screw and then on the other end of this short section of wire it ends with a ring terminal crimped onto it and was put under one of the firewall face nuts holding the AC suitcase to the firewall or was on it's own stand alone firewall screw.