2013 Norwood Assembly Plant Reunion and Gathering

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Jul 17, 2013
MadMike said:
Me & Laura just rolled in. Almost drove over a bear a couple miles from home. Fortunantly for us that was the most exciting part about the drive home.

Our thanks to Phil & his wife and everyone else who was a part in this great event. We're already looking forward to next year.

It's a treat to meet and talk with the folks who actually put our cars together. This, along with the comradarie of all the attendies hanging out until all hours of the night friday & saturday is awesome.

One thing that stuck out in my mind about this show... when the participation awards were being given out... the gentleman from NY with the 69Z got out to get his award, and as he was getting back into his car, a shout from 1 of the retiree's came from the crowd - THANKS FOR BRINGING THAT CAR - to which his reply which was short & to the point - NO. THANK *YOU* for building it.

THAT'S what this show is about in a nutshell. IMO. Thanks again to all.


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Feb 11, 1999
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Sorry - 68Z. What you did was pretty impressive. which car was mine? The 2011 Chevy Traverse out in the parking lot. ;) I go to this show to support Phil, represent nastyz28.com and gain knowledge from the assembly line folks who built our cars.


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Mar 18, 2000
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I gotta tell you Mike...You and Dino looked pretty professional in those black nasty Z28 polo shirts!:)

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