2019 Camaro Nationals - June 21st - 22nd


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Aug 19, 2013
Couldn't have said it better Scott. As for the vendors, it would be great to have more, but even at the Carlisle GM event and MCACN, I usually walk away empty-handed as most of the stuff is repop or crafts. I've sold parts at the Camaro Nats in the past, but my judging duties do not allow me the time to do both, so I had to make a choice.

Personally, I always enjoy the Camaro Nats. Been to a lot of other shows and events..and each has their own attraction, but the Camaro Nats is such a great venue, very relaxed and the quality of the cars is superb. I scored a very nice pair of OEM doors from NY, two solid OEM fenders from Missouri, some NOS parts from NC and some engine lift brackets from a local guy who had a table set up selling parts. :)

Sorry to hear...it was nice meeting you and James. Like anything else, it is what you make it, but that is a choice only you can make. Hope to see your 73 Z28 someday...looks really nice from the pics.
It’s was great to meet you. I really appreciate sending the spray out card. The Camaro will be judged by the AACA. There is still a possibility that I will bring it to Fredrick one year. My schedule is so hectic I have to pick my time off carefully. With having the black Vette now it’s really gonna be tough. Now I have to choose between NCRS shows, Bloomington Gold, Camaro Nationals , muscle car Nationals , AACA etc. I only get 3 weeks vacation and still have one younger child. I hope to see you guys soon. Camaro is getting real close to being done


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Jun 1, 2005
Scott from Hamilton, NJ
Here's a recap.

The 2019 Nationals will be an event I will remember for quite a while. First and foremost, was the absence of our dear friend Bud Scolastico. Time will heal wounds, but this first year without him was extra tough a couple of times. Marla and Crystal Scolastico both made comments that Bud would be taking care of the weather for us, and it appears he did. This was the first dry year in a while; and the "Day of Show' cars came out strong....over a hundred - bringing our total to just under three hundred beautiful F-Bodies.

Things started off with our Thursday evening rolling cruise...this time to the restored train station just outside of Frederick, and a dairy bar with home-made ice cream...needless to say, we filled the parking lot at the dairy bar. Returning the new host hotel afterward, the hotel parking lot party commenced.

Friday opened with indoor concours judging, and car clean up on the show field (most of us drove thru rain on the way in). This was the first year I handled the indoor cars, so Building 9 - the conours building - was a learning curve. I don't have the contacts that Bud had, but I put together a display to compliment the BowTie and Legends cars. Things ended up pretty nice, I think....generations one through 4 were represented....with lots of Z's. I'm not talking about falling asleep, of course, but Z/28's. They were everywhere, including a Teal Blue 68Z, and a pair of original Maryland Z/28 dragsters....QuickSilver and SeaDragon. Thanks to everyone who helped put the display together, and especially for the car owners who took the time to bring and set up their Camaros. As evening approached, we headed back to the hotel, and cleaned up for the Dinner and Auction. (Check out the photos on the Gallery page.)

The food for our dinner was good, but the hotel needs to improve on their clean up afterwards, along with dessert timing. It turns out we were the largest group they ever had, and they were unprepared for the logistics involved. The auction went well, and we donated $7200 to the Silence of Mary Home; bringing the total the show has donated to charity, to well over $125,000.00. Even Bobby Banana was there....volunteering to auction himself off again; the highest bidder getting to put up with his shenanigans for the next year. Maryland Camaro Club may have it's hands full....Bobby picked up some bad habits while spending the last year with Long Island. Thanks to everyone over the last 21 years for their support of the auction....and again I want to thank members of the Lehigh Valley Camaro Club for acting as runners during the auction, and a special shout out to Scott Settlemire and Drake Donovan, our fantastic auctioneers. After everyone left the ballroom - it was back out side for.........wait for it........a parking lot party!

Saturday again brought nice weather - nice and sunny, but not too hot. We had a different photography vendor, who superimposed images of our cars on posters, mugs, license plates, etc. He was busier than he planned. The moon bounce and slide were busy all day…lots of smiles on the children's faces…..remember, "Bring a Kid to a Car Show!". Judging wrapped up on time, as did the awards…..although the day of show turnout ended up goofing up my awards needs….we ran out! I had to order 8 more plaques when I got home. Things wrapped up around 4, building 9 emptied, everyone found a place for dinner, and then back to the hotel for..... a parking lot party!

Please remember that this is a volunteer non-profit event. I want to thank everyone who helped, donated, and otherwise supported this and our past events. Be sure to thank our sponsors when you get the chance. The Maryland Camaro Club is indispensable, and the show could not currently exist without the hard work of their members. Bill Morice and Billy McKee made my life easier, without a doubt. Our judges come out year after year - Legend, BowTie, and Heartbeat. The judging is one of the things that makes the Nationals different than other Camaro events, so without their help, there would be no need for the Nationals. And, of course, the CLUBS! Long Island Camaro Club, New York Third Gens, Lehigh Valley Camaro Club, Maryland Camaro Club, Northeast Ohio Camaro Club, Nasty Z, to mention a few....the individual members are always ready to pitch in where and when needed.

Thanks, and See you next year!

Karl Scheffy