2nd camaros needed for chicago car show. MCACN


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Aug 14, 2008
Hello Ronzz,

I keep thinking I would like to do that show however, in order to pull it off I would have to turn it into a "family vacation". I don't think the kids would appreciate spending 3 days in a convention center. - I am not sure the MCACN expectations but have done a few Autorama's in the past where you are pretty much required to be there the entire time. Is MCACN the same way ?

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Feb 8, 2007
imperial pa
Chevrolaine said:
Not at all that way. You don't even have to be there period except for move in and move out and signing off on the judging if you desire.

Sorry Ron, sold mine last Friday.
Laine is correct. All you need to do is get the car there in its spot. And take it home after the show. And sign off on it if judged. Would be great to have your car there to display. Sent you a private message. Laine almost sent you a message. Till I read your post. Maybe the new owner will bring it now???


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Feb 16, 2000
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Ron, How about the guy who lives in your area that bought KEIZERS 73'

Guess youve never met him yet ????

I found his old email and just wrote him........He does have enclosed trailer..........
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