2nd Gen Door latch/striker


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My driver door was closing to far in. The panels were not smooth, with the door closing and bringing the door panel in a tad too far compared to the rear quarter panel.

I started by adjusting the striker. Now it looks good panel to panel, but as I drive, the door rattles. It seems, it is only grabbing the first click in the latch.

Question, the Latch actually should go through two steps to latch fully, correct? Any tips on how to get the door latch adjusted well? The door is solid and not sagging.


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Apr 14, 2012
Tulsa, OK
Sometimes you have to move the striker farther out than you think you should, to allow it to get to the second detent in the latch. This may seem wrong but the door will pull in farther when the latch gets to the second detent. If the striker is to far in it won't allow the latch to properly latch at the second detent (click).


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Thanks for confirmation of the seconded detent, that’s what I needed to confirm. The striker was too far in and the door panel ended up closed with the door panel in lower than the rear quarter. I started by adjusting the striker back out toward the panel, but it isn’t hitting the second detent. Seems odd. At the first detent, the panels look good.

I’ll adjust the striker all the way out and go in from there. Thanks for your comments.


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Feb 26, 2004
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Yup… Move it out a bit.

The weather stripping should prevent the door from rattling on the striker pin when it’s properly adjusted and fully latched.

Good Luck!