383 SBC with AFR heads.. What headers on lowered 1973 HELP!!!


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Dec 7, 2014
I have a 73 Camaro with a 383 SBC with AFR 195 angle plug heads. TKX trans with mechanical clutch and no AC. I am lowered by more than 2 inches. I used Hooker 2117 since the original build was completed in 2006. I really like the 2117 headers and they fit great around everything, however, I did self clearance a tube or 2 with the pavement. BonzoHansen always had great reviews of the American Racing Headers and I was lucky enough to find a used set this winter. I have only test fit them at this point but they fit really well and tuck up nicely in the car. Attached is a pic with them mounted on a test block on engine stand on DS compared to the 2117 on the PS side. The next pic is them fit on the car.
Looking sharp underneath


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Nov 6, 2022
thanks for all the replies... I'm gonna go with the Headmans to start and see how they fit. they cost the least so they are minimal risk and get me on the road at least. I can always upgrade to lemon or American racing. thanks everyone for the help.

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