4 Speed Shifter Cut Out

Green hornet

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Oct 11, 2015
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I just completed a 4 speed swap in my 70 (see new 1970 owner in project progress). In doing so I looked all over this site for the cut out placement for the shifter and shifter hump. I found a lot of people asking the same question but no real answers. I would like to share how I went about it with photos to help others doing the same procedure.

The first thing I did was make two reference lines on the trans hump. I drew a center line between the front and rear mounting holes for the A/T shifter and one line connecting the front mounting holes. With the shifter attached to the trans I jacked it up as close to the floor board as I could and drilled a small pilot hole (see nail in the photo)

The pilot hole is 2 inches left of the center line and 2 1/4 inches down from the top reference line. I then made a 2 1/2 inch hole saw cut. That allowed me to raise the trans so the shifter would stick through the floor.

I then centered the shifter hump over the shifter and transferred the opening to trans hump. I then cut the opening. This allowed me to raise the trans further and install the cross member.

I then fine tuned the opening to make sure the shifter had enough clearance. The final opening was 4 3/4 across the trans hump x 4 1/2 along the center line. With the shifter in neutral I centered the shifter hump front to back using the hole for the shifter boot in the shifter hump and a small level left to right.

This information is just a guide to help anyone with this procedure. The dimensions may be a little different for your car. Hope this helps. I had a fun time making this swap and it was well worth it. :D :D


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Sep 15, 1999
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Nice job! I like instructions with photos. That's the only way to do it properly. Just reading instructions puts me to sleep. :D
Oct 14, 2008
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Two quick Questions:

-Where did you get the Shifter hump (new?) and how did you secure it to the Trans Hump?

-Is the Shifter Hump even needed when using the original factory Console?

Thanks for your help Green hornet.