496 AFR headed pistons recommendation

Jonathon Wolff

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Mar 31, 2020
hi I am building a 496 with AFR 265cc aluminum heads and a .640 lift cam and I am looking for 18cc forged dome pistons that will fit in the AFR heart shaped combustion chambers, my goal is to have the compression ratio at 10:1, I recently found some sportsman srp pistons but they were open chamber head style so does anyone know any forged dome pistons that would work for this build to get me to 10:1 compression? Thanks


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May 22, 2019
I used 18cc dome Mahle on my build... AFR 315. Solid Roller cam (Nice Street Engine - almost 750 HP with no tuning).

Static CR - 10.5:1
Dynamic CR - 8.2:1

It's the Camshaft duration @ .050" that has an effect on CR.

Early Intake Valve Closing with less duration bleeds off less (higher compression).
Later IVC with more duration bleeds off more (lower compression).

Good luck on your build!

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