70 Camaro L Vin 00001


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Nov 4, 1999
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hot72rod said:
There have been a couple of people to have claimed to have owned the car. A couple of them were members. I wonder if there is more then one car with 001.

The first guy that claimed to of had it posted pics of it here on the board. He said that he got the car out of FL, from Smokey's shop.

I am one of the former owners of that car. I bought it from David Tom then sold it back to him after the economy killed my shop. I still have copies of all of the documentation on that car as well as detailed pics and videos that no one else has that I took myself of all of the minor details and intricacies before during and after media blasting to help identify it should there ever be any questions about its authenticity.

70 SS/L78

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May 5, 2005
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hot72rod said:
Was the car white when you had it.

There are 2 cars with VIN #000001. The Norwood car (N000001) that Denali is talking about from Smokeys shop, which is documented!... The other car that this discussion is actually all about is the White LA/Van Nuys car (L000001). If you go back to the beginning of this discussion there appears to be issues with the VIN on the LA/Van Nuys car. It did not match the cowl tag date for a VIN #1 car. No one has ever verified or documented that the L000001 VIN is actually real, just previous sellers claiming that it is. From what I gather it sounds like someone changed tags on the L000001 car.
This discussion started 9 years ago when the so called VIN L000001 car was listed and sold on eBay and bought by Gas Monkey Garage! back in 2006 not many people knew of Gas Monkey Garage.

I know of NO issues with the Norwood built VIN #1 car.
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"Caution Fan" on the shroud? :(



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Mar 1, 2020
What about that cutout behind the diagonal pass side brace? Never seen that before.


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Feb 17, 2000
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What about that cutout behind the diagonal pass side brace? Never seen that before.
What that means is that is not the original fender to the car.
That fender was for the 75 model that had a briefly used fender induction air passage.
For quite a while, GM fenders sold over the counter had that medal stamped for removal, even if used on an earlier car.


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