71 RS - abandoned 23 years


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Sep 24, 2014
Pittsburgh, Pa.
My maiden voyage in mine was from the PO's shop to mine. Probably about 25 miles on roads I didn't know. Just jumped in and went after checking the oil. When I got it back to my shop, I started checking a few things and thought I should have had this thing flatbedded. But I was so excited to finally get this car I wouldn't have cared if it looked like an episode of RoadKill, breaking down every couple miles. The PO was having second thoughts about selling it, and I wanted out of there before he changed his mind.


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Jul 20, 2014
grand prairie tx.
Those pictures you just posted are priceless. I bet you are so happy to finally enjoy driving her. Post a couple of finished interior pictures when you get time. Once again beautiful car.


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Jan 19, 2010
Cypress, TX
11 June: Registered and on the road

On the road again
Christine is on the road again
To be making miles driving with my friend
I'm glad Christine is on the road again
(Borrowed from Willy Nelson)

Tax Office Yutz
Registered as an antique using 1971 license plates at a local Harris County tax office. A couple of times it looked like it might not happen because of the yutz handling my matter. but I was prepared

She asked for a variety of documents including the title which I already knew to bring. She then asked me for the VIN and I replied it is on the title

Next she said I can't register because it takes 2 - 3 weeks for a reactivated title to show up. I showed her the email from the downtown tax office Auto Branch that as soon as the title was reactivated by DMV I could register the car. Also passed on the email that Auto Branch forwarded the title photo to DMV on 5 June and that I called DMV on 9 June and was told the title was reactivated 7 June

Then I could not register because the Proof of Insurance does not have the VIN. I put my finger on exactly where the VIN is

Next she asked me for the color and I said the factory original. She left and brought some else with her who asked me the same question, to which I said the factory color sandalwood. She came back with some attitude of.... I asked what color and spoke a couple styles to which I replied beige. She then left

Gads......!! Good thing I was prepared. I kept my reaction under control and walked out with a renewed registration and a 5 year license plate sticker tag

Da-Bigguy came over: Called Da-Bigguy (Andrew) when I got home and he came over to help and photograph the first legal drive, in 32 years and 6 months to a gas station 4 blocks away. Sure had a lot of difficulty getting the front seat bolted to the floor pan.

With the seat and steering wheel installed he photographed the replacement of the old plates (1988) with the even older 1971 plates.

To the Gas Station and back: Andrew then shot mp4 of me backing the car out of the garage to the bottom of the driveway. I thoroughly enjoyed the video Andrew. Drove to the gas station and Andrew followed in his truck. Some more photos taken there. Driving the Camaro on a 6 lane road for the first time in more then 32 years was quite a rush but I kept my focus on driving. During the drive there and back did not hear and feel anything unusual. By that time people were getting off work with a lot of traffic on the road. In addition with no seatbelts installed and the power steering pump belt needing more tightening decided no more Friday drive

Now I can finish Registration plus the first drive, though short, was a major milestone and I now have no difficulty spending what is needed to finish

Finishing Sequence
1 The Vintage Air system purged and charged. But fixing alignment of the compressor pully with the crankshaft pulley is needed. The compressor pulley is turned away from the crankshaft
2. Carpet install. Will have already purchased and recolored carpet install done at a shop that will involve cutting and sewing relief seams. Want the ac system operating first for if there is a problem and the evaporator has be to removed don't want coolant on the carpet
3. Stereo install: Encountered a variety of problems and various test to isolate components became confusing so going back to square one
4. Install the rest of interior parts (lower dash, remaining seats, door panels and door seals.
5. Adjust rear tail pipes to symmetry. Might cut off the pipes at rear panel. Still to be decided

Thanks for all the great photos Andrew
Off comes the old plates (1988)
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On goes the older plates from 1971 (courtesy of member "Adams")
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Heading to the Gas Station (Trimmed back the vegetation on the right. Had trimmed it just 5 weeks ago.
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Filler Up
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You are very welcome! It was great being there to see Christine rumble down your driveway and out onto the streets!! Let the imports quake in their tires!!!