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Sep 28, 2014
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Really sorry I missed your Emails. I don't know what happened to them
I'm somewhat amazed you got your windows to roll up and seal properly, its no easy task.


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Nov 24, 2012
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A Small Detail: The ac evaporator drain hose config had to be modified. The VA supplied tube kinda melted by the header. Got a 90 fitting and 2 feet of 1/2" heater hose. The remaining VA line went from the evap drain fitting to the 90 that inserted tightly into the firewall. The 1/2" heater hose connected to the discharge side of the 90 running down the outer side of the frame

Though about cutting the 1'2" hose higher up but it does not show unless one is on the floor

Front alignment was done today with no problems encountered. The Vintage Air ac held vacuum during purge but leaked at the pressure switch during freon charging. Loose fitting. Will replace the "O" ring then back to the shop.

Quite a Driving Rush Today: After the alignment a short drive to a couple miles of free expressway with 65mph limit. So far steering and ride had been good at 40mph. Was a bit uneasy not knowing how the car would ride and handle at higher speed. Got on the expressway at 50moh then gradually up to 70mph. No problems encountered. Car did not wander, no vibration and rode pretty smooth. Tire psi is 28. Went through many accelerations from 50 to 70 with some peaking at 80mph. Still no problems

Did not floor the pedal for the engine is not ready for such a hard run. Yet even at the limited pedal push I used the car responded quite nicely. Quite a change from the L65 days with 245 hp (at the flywheel), 8.5:1 compression and a 2 bbl carb.

Bad JVC Receiver: Crutchfield tech determined the receiver is defective. Still under full warranty so today dropped it off with FedEX for repairs. Will be 4 to 6 weeks till I have it back
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Nov 24, 2012
Houston, Texas
Happy 4th of July America

Another detail: carpet - console bottom edge:
Getting ready to take the Camaro to an auto trim shop for carpet install included rechecking clearance for the carpet under the console bottom edge. With the center console secured to the six j-hooks, the console bottom edge has a nice tight seam with the carpet. With the 7/8" of insulation on the tunnel and the thicker Essex, the console edge presses into the carpet. Previously the bottom edge bowed away from the carpet.

The cup holder, with the Pepsi can, is easy to reach

Found an auto trim shop to install the carpet:
The first shop I went to, the closest 7 miles away estimated $750 at 10 hours. No details about what would be done. Just a statement of "sewing and binding". Went back a second time for this was all new to me and I wanted some details. When I told this to the estimator his face and voice got kinda irritated briefly and he said "it will look good". Was asked to call several weeks later. for availability. There has to be something better.

Did an internet search for shops then started calling. Got phone quotes of $600, $450 and $350. One would not consider the work because I had recolored the carpet. This shop was 11 miles from me. All of the rest were 20 miles plus. There were more shops but beyond the distance range I wanted to start in. The $450 shop I crossed of the list for they were a general purpose shop (more then just cars and a lot of bad reviews over the last 2 years)

Friday had a 5 hour outing driving the day driver with Camaro interior photos to shops for estimates and to look over the area of town, the shop and the shop folks.

The first two shops I had not contacted before but they were just off the freeway By the time I got to each I did not even stop.. The area of town was bad and the junky exterior turned me off. Both were converted houses
Next was the $600 shop which I crossed off the list. Not a good area of town and the interior was junky. There is a difference between clutter due to work vs junky Did not look like the website photos I saw. Talked to the owner where the cutting and sewing would be done but he did not give me a clear answer. He seemed like a good guy but worn out. Been doing it for 38 years.

Next stop that asked for photos during my Thursday phone call was vacated with a For Lease sign. Yet I dialed the number and talked to the owner. Must have moved

Next shop that asked for photos could not do the work because their sewing machines were not stout enough. I was provided with a referral

Two Best options

The $350 shop. Located in an industrial park area but not as bad as I thought it would be. Shop looked ok. Talked to an installer and he seemed good. The manager who estimated $350 over the phone Thursday changed his date available from next week to one month. This bothered me.

The referred shop, I have a good feeling about it. It is in a nice mostly residential area (the Heights on 24th St just east of Shepard). that has been and is still undergoing redevelopment. His well maintained house is in front with a shop in the back. A strong gate and fence surrounds both. Has been doing automotive interior work since the 1980s. Some language difficulty (Hispanic) but not a problem.

He diagrammed where he would make cuts and sew (at the corners). Only sew binding where a seam can be seen (on the rear piece between rocker-seat and seat-console). He said more might be needed to make it look right

Showed me the carpet installed in his Mustang Grande (did ask the year)

Looked at the shop and it was well lit and orderly.with other work going on.

He said I can call next week to bring the car for the install, 2 days in advance to bring the car. It would be a two day job and the car will be kept under cover while at his place.

Cost $500

Chosed the referred shop. Debated briefly whether to save $150. Had a better feeling about the referred shop (Heck of a way to make a decision). With the referred shop the install will be done quicker instead of waiting at least one month The $350 manager's change in availability from next week to one month bothered me.

The shops were surprised by the look and feel of the recolored carpet
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May 21, 2014
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I usually choose the mid-price quote. I always throw out the highest and lowest quotes. If I have several mid-price quotes, that's when I compare specifics. I meet face-to-face and let my gut help decide.


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Nov 24, 2012
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Appearance changes from factory

RH door mirror added
Single piece rear spoiler added removing the 1986 installed 3-piece
Stainless steel drip rail added. The reflective plastic rails cracked-broke long ago
Added a 2016 "RS" emblem to the rear spoiler
To the front grill added a 2016 "RS"
14X7 Rally Sport rims retained as dark brown from 1986 change
Rubber vertical piece between the two grill halves painted Sandalwood

Trunk: Wanted a finished look
Enclosed the trunk divider
Covered with dark brown indoor-outdoor carpet from the upper rear panel forward to the enclosed trunk divider, up to the underside of the package try
Added LED light strips
All exposed metal and light housings were sprayed satin brown
Wiring for RH modified to go through the trunk lock bracket instead of around the lower area of the bracket.
Replaced all rear incan lights with LED
Amplifier for rear speakers added

All dark saddle changed (wanted a brighter interior)
---Seats to black
-- Rest, including carpet, recolored with mid 1980s GM color Medium Driftwood
Overhead - a single piece headliner, vinyl, no perforations
Overhead light fixture exterior coated with medium driftwood. to blend in with the headliner
Added overhead console
Package try
- covered with the same overhead vinyl
-- added 6x0 speakers
Rear view mirror - coated with medium driftwood
Radio opening modified for single din receiver
Dash Gauges
- - 5 gauges installed through the bezel. Same style as speedo-tach
--- Bezel faux wood laminate recolored with medium driftwood. Laminate was damaged, and I never liked it. Had separated from the bezel so an easy color change
- - Bezel sprayed black so all raised surfaces were uniform
---Large factory fuel gauge replaced with tach
Two LED light strips added under the dash. One for each footwell
Added 4" speakers, where the am radio speaker use to be
Center console
--retained 1986 installed Kenwood equalizer
--Retained 5 1/4" speakers grills (installed 1977, removed 1986) to cover the holes and structural support
---Shift plates coated medium driftwood.
---Replaced rear ashtray with cup holder.
---Installed 1978 door panels
--- Door pulls cut out of the 1971 lower door panels
-- window crank knobs coated with medium driftwood
---Added 6 1/2" speakers to lower-front
Carpet changed to Essex
All incan bulbs changed to KED
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