72 RE SS camaro 47400 miles. opinion needed.


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Aug 19, 2013
Is the paint bad? If not remember it’s only original once. IMOP I like 70s color combos the rarer the better. I love those ugly green cars, browns, yellows etc. that’s what makes them stand out in a crowd. There red blue and silver camaro’s everywhere


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May 18, 2004
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I just got a 72 rs ss auto. 350 dual exhaust also full gauge package. It is in great shape. Was stored for 30 years. All frame floor and unibody parts are rust free, even the rockers! Front fenders and rear 1/4s rust in usual places. All numbers matching car. Even has original tower hose clamps on it yet. Engine and transmission run great. My problem is that it's a puke yellow color and has gold interior and a vinyl top. I want to change the colors and get rid of the vinyl top. Otherwise it will be stock with a little tweeking. Will that lose a lot of value or should I just do it. I want to go to silver and black.
I would certainly leave it and or repaint it the original colors. There are many people out there looking for that exact combo. And also the regrets will not come about changing it. You bought it and are the one to make the decisions, but these cars are being looked at now to be preserved and the value will hold better with less changes to the car. I unfortunately restore my own cars: 65;56 corvettes and 69;70 camaro’s. They all have a trim tag that when judged will tell all. It’s very rewarding when you get full credit for paint knowing you were making the choices back on paint day. If it was a drag race car or just a mixed up street machine but you have a cool deal there and well I say a responsibility to keep it correct. Besides; in the immortal words of Gary Bussie in The Gumball Rally movie—-“Roll on yellow Camaro”. David


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Oct 16, 1999
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You have to consider a few things prior to making this decision.
First, it depends if you plan to keep the car for life, or possibly sell it.
Second is resale value, because it will take a big hit for not being the original color. Of course that doesn't matter if you have no intention to sell it at some point.
I have always gone the correct orginal route just in case I might have to sell the car down the road. I had a 71 SS-396 years ago that had a vinyl top. As much as I didn't really care for it, I put it back on when the car was painted since it was coded on the trim tag. I have looked at a few very nice cars for sale, but once I found that they had been repainted a different color, my interest was gone. As we all know, body and paint are the most expensive part of a restoration. If the car isn't right, as a potential buyer I have to factor that into the selling price.
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Jan 28, 2014
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Have a 69 C-10... Short bed fleet side all the bells and whistles. Got it from my grandfather after he passed. He was the first owner. Changed the paint to Silver from Yellow. I think of it as how would I have ordered it back in '69. I'm probably leaving money on the table but if all I want from it is $$$, I would sell it and invest in Google (Yawn).

My 2 cents... No vinyl top and the color of your choice. Then you won't care about the value cuz you won't want to sell it!


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Oct 3, 2013
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Given that the car is as original as it is, give serious consideration to keeping it that way. '72 Camaros were relatively rare given the strike shortened model year. An ss 350, while not as rare as a big block or a z28 is still a pretty desirable car. My vote would be put it back to original colours, but maybe leave the vinyl roof off. If a purist really wants to buy your car and put the vinyl roof back on that's a relatively easy project compared to putting the body/interior colours back to original.
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Aug 21, 2000
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Well stock is nice and in some cases my retain the value, I did restore my 70 to stock and ok with it, but at the end of the day, do what you want to make you happy with all the hard work and money you’ll put into the car. If your not concerned about it being stock, most others won’t either. Be sure the work is done correctly though. Do what you want to do. I kinda wish I would have.

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