72 Split bumper convert


Dec 26, 2018
Fort Morgan, CO
The split bumpers where not available on all 72 Camaro's as an option. You had to get the RS package to get them. That being said, you could get an RS, an RS/Z28, or an RS/SS, which would all have them.
Not sure then what happened - am the 2nd owner knew the original owner - no changes I'm aware of to the car- 1972 SS with U (396) - Z27 - car came with split bumpers and white Z racing stripes no RS front nose - also didn't come with blacked out tail section which the SS was know for. 1972 was a strike year who knows what they through together just move inventory.


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Feb 19, 2012
Holland Mi
Good morning Mallard. I will post some pics this weekend. It is Burnt Orange code 62, TH 400, factory 4:10 gears, and dealer installed in dash Delco AM/FM stereo 8 track. Same as what came in other Chevy's but wasn't aval in a Camaro It has different tires, wheels, and chrome side pipes/headers. I have the stock stuff. Motor, trans, and rear end have never been out of the car. Original distributor, carb, intake, and everything else.


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Aug 22, 2015
st.george utah
The bumpers will bolt up fine. FYI for all - the split bumper and the Z racing stripes were a available option for all 72 camaros, more so for the SS option - they were not not exclusive for RS or Z's. Wear your splits proud!!!!

Really? Stripes? I think not! The dealer would do it, not the factory.

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