72 Z wont start


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Oct 10, 2021
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You could bypass the switch by jumping the 2 wires together, but make to disconnect the coil and make sure the trans is in neutral. Otherwise it may start and take off on you. Neither wire at that neutral safety should have power until you turn the ignition all the way to "crank" position. Turn to crank and check both wires for power. If the switch is good then both will have power.


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Jul 16, 2000
Well finally got it going. I kept jumping the starter, it came to life. I took starter out for a rebuild ( just had it done 2 yrs ago). Anyway turns out the armature was bad. The rebuild guy didn't understand how it could ever work. Anyway now my gas gauge doesn't work. Neither does Amp gauge( didn't work before)


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Oct 3, 2013
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It’s been over 40 years but I’ll offer this on the gas gauge. You may have to drop the tank but disconnect the sending unit at the tank and ground the connecting wire and have someone watch the gauge and see if the needle moves. If it does you probably have a bad sending unit in the tank.

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