78 Camaro Painting Exterior window/door trim


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Aug 13, 2022

I'm newer to the whole body work end of the stick and I haven't been able to find many if any posts on the forums on this. I've got most of my 78 sanded down and ready for paint except a few nooks, crannies, odds and ends. The car is going to be painted an old school lusterless OD green on the main body and is going to be lusterless black on the bumpers, bezels and exterior trim. Kicker is I have chrome trim and bezels. I know the headlight and turn signal bezels sand and paint fine with the chrome coming off easy but the window trim I am hung up and inexperienced on. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. Am I able to get past all the chrome on these metal trim pieces and paint them right or would I be better off finding new or old Z28 ones made black originally?

Thank you for any help. This site has been a verifiable gold mine of information in getting this thing put back together and I'm getting antsy as I get closer to an end date. The little details are killing me.


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Feb 26, 2004
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Have the window trim powder coated.

Many choices in powder coat… from matte to high gloss.

It holds up much better than paint.

That’s what I had done to my window trim almost 30 years ago and it still looks very good.
It was done in a satin black and has faded very slightly.
Give it a coat of car wax and it looks brighter than the day I installed it.

BTW … that trim isn’t chrome.

It’s bright anodized aluminum and the Z28s got the same trim but had a black coating (which did NOT last long if exposed to sun and weather.)

Good Luck!


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Dec 9, 2009
Gordon from Jacksonville Fl
I sanded bumpers, and the window trim with I believe 80 grit as specified by SPI and then used SPI epoxy primer then top coated with a single stage paint (used flatting agent to get desired gloss level), Still looking good today after 10 years.


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Aug 13, 2022

Twisted_Metal and grzewnicki . Thank you both very much! I really appreciate the help and I just wanted to be sure. I'll bite the bullet on one method or the other here soon. This will save quite a bit of cash as the cost on these trim pieces new or used is absolutely ridiculous. I'll be sure to share this information with anyone else I meet in a similar bind!​