79 T-top first pictures since 2016...


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Well! You guys love pictures so i got a few and more will be coming. Here are a few from my interior. I made a mistake when i got it in 2008. I wanted all black and now am putting back in red the way it was supposed to be. Enjoy!




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Want more pictures? We can see the dash...


This was a power window car. I prefer standard cause it looks more old school and for me is more practical. I dont like turning the ignition key just to lower the windows. Doesnt work for me. The dash you see inside now is not in very good shape so i got a new one and painted it. You think its original GM paint code but it isnt. I tried Pete Defazio's combo of portola red and firethorn but i saw a very little difference with only firethorn red. Bottom line is, it still looks really cool. I drove down the boulevard last week with a fake cigarette and a Harry styles earing listening to led zeppelin (gotta whole lotta love) and i felt like a king! Thats what life is all about right? The seats are from a 78 sport coupe and the door panels from a 78 trans am deluxe. The rear quarter plastic panel on the left is from a 70 camaro lol and the right is original to the car. Tommorow im going to put the pictures with the new dash and maybe paint the lower dash and finally be rid of the black.


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I found this car late june in 2008 in a mechanics yard in between a few weeds. He had another one, a 78 for sale at 9000$. It was purple with a 350. At the time i was 24 and just graduated from university. I had 3000$ to spend as a gift to myself for achieving my diploma and that was my bugdet. I had the choice either to go in Italy or buy this car. The first time I saw a camaro i flipped...When i saw mine i just lost it. The mechanic was selling for 3500$ and told me that he had no idea what was under the hood or what repairs it needed. I got a couple of old school guys to go back with me to see it in order to give me an idea if it was worth the purchase. When my friends found out i got a 79 z28 they couldnt believe it...Neither did I. Until this day i have always taken care of it. I love these cars.


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Jul 6, 2008
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What are you using to dye/paint the dash? Also, did you use the same product on the seats and door panels. Its unusual to see consistency in color.


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What are you using to dye/paint the dash? Also, did you use the same product on the seats and door panels. Its unusual to see consistency in color.

Hi! I did nothing to the door panels and seats. To dye the plastic panels, I use SEM colour coat. I used firethorn red in dry weather. I also tried the mix firethorn and portola red and i saw very little difference. I think temperature plays in consistency. I tried dying a T-top plastic cover in humid weather and the colour was really off and i had to wait for another day. There is also another random factor. both seats and door panels are from 78...Firethorn red was factory for that year. My match is a total fluke lol!


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Feb 26, 2004
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70-71 had different rear interior panels (the part with the arm rest) than later years.


The one you have looks like a match to your original.

Nice job on the recoloring! :D