A Question and an F up


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Sep 21, 2015
Corinth TX
OK, so I'm converting my rearview to a newer auto dimming unit that has compass and temp. I am now into it about $350 but I'll get to that later.

My question is does the temp sensor that I need to mount behind the front grill need to be in a specific position... It doesn't look like there is any intake port per se.

My other question is what happens if I don't hook up the lead to the reverse/back up light switch? That would be a pain to hook up and couldn't I just turn the auto dimming off at the mirror when backing up if need be?

Ok now for the F up. Stupid me thinking a 37 year old, glued on rear view mirror mount tab would come off the 37 y/o windshield. Tried everything including tapping, prying etc, but my last brilliant idea (clamping on with vice grips) proved fatal for said windshield (see pics) fortunately there is a local company that specializes in classic car glass and is replacing it Tues for $275...I freaked when I broke the glass and saw thousands flying out of my wallet. I'm made sure the glass they are using has the antenna in it. Nice because they upgrade the seal from Butyl to Urethane .

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Aug 28, 2013
helena mt
i cant anwser your questions, but damn your lucky! i couldnt keep a rear view mirror on my windshield to save my life, 3 dyi kits and 2 professional paid mountings and it would still fall off.
+1 on having been down that road with the windshield. I can still hear the noise as the windshield cracked. Now I use a heat gun on the outside of the windshield to soften the glue.

As far as the temp sensor. Obviously, its important to keep away from any heat sources and direct sunlight. I have a 70 RS. I attached mine to the bottom of the hood latch support brace. Seems to be pretty accurate.


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Feb 26, 2004
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Damn good adhesive on there!! :D


Most glass shops can get and install the windshield for you.
Call around... You might be able to get it done even cheaper than that.

Never mind... It's the holiday weekend and someone is already scheduled for Tuesday.
I doubt you could get it done for less than $200 anyway.
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