A young French guy with his nasty 73 rs z28

Florian Hell

Let's enjoy the cars while there's still time!
Dec 25, 2020
south alsace France
Hi to all I introduce myself :)Florian Hell, born on 09/02/2000, hell is my real name here in France LoL, I live in the south of Alsace, it's exactly the equivalent of Alabama in your country, I'm passionate about the United States I could even define myself as American even if I'm not one, musically as always attracted by the USA: I'm a big fan of nirvana and grunge of the 90's! I've been playing guitar for more than 9 years, I'm learning a lot of American English thanks to the songs, my clothing style is also the USA, my lifestyle is simple, I think it's due to my passion for American cars.
I'm quite rebellious to live in France because I don't like people from my country who are idiots and especially towards car laws.
If one day my country becomes too critical, I would like to live in Quebec.

Let's talk about cars! So I'm passionate about mechanics, I fell into the cauldron when I was very young, thanks to my father who was a 1969 camaro, 1967 camaro, 1970-71-72-73 z28 and ss like lt, corvette stingray 427 69.
throughout my childhood, i was on my father's shoulders in many muscle car rallies until i was in switzerland ...

Personally I learned the mechanics alone and self-taught to locate you, 14 years that I have had since my beginnings: mopeds motobécane of the 60s that I restored while passing by engine preparation with the dremel hours and hours, enduro ktm motorcycle, husqvarna, motorcycle cafe racer cb 200 twin cb 125k5 ....

Then I started the cars when I could afford it, my very first at 17 years old: renault 5 alpine turbo the car where I learned a lot, chain engine, turbo and carburettor so we can say that I started with a rather complicated vehicle, passing by renault clio 2rs1 172cv 2000 where I had a serious accident, renault clio 1 rsi 1. 8 8v 1994, renault 11 turbo that I also restored entirely mechanical level and prepared entirely myself the cylinder head: polishing balancing etc, this car worked very very strong! I recently exchanged my renault 11 turbo for a jeep grand cherokee wj 2005 black pearl edition (question of utility and daily car because I often carry engine parts and I drive with a friend in the forest and I like to travel)
I also currently have a kit bmw e30 320i pfeba aerodynamik of the time which is prepared rally / street legal:lush:

... To finish all this with happiness, I recently acquired with my father a real camaro rs z28 1973 from north carolina the last tile dates from 1982 so I think I am the 3rd person.we searched for years and then we bought what we found.
The car has a very nice patina, I've always wanted to make a raty / sleeper and here's the opportunity, at the program of complete engine preparation + chassis complete restoration 400hp, silentblocks etc, brake conversion dic interior ...;)

I've been waiting for this moment for years to have my first muscle car!
I have driven many cars in my life and visited many of them, but for me, the ultimate sensations will remain the muscle cars!
The car of my dreams that I love above all else is the 1969 camaro rs / ss 396ci, and after the camaro 73, I'm aiming for a 1968 ss chevelle.
for pay me all that things i work since my 14 years old.
ps: if once someone is ready to welcome me with a friend in their house or other when I plan to travel to the United States it is really with pleasure!

thank you for reading the whole text sorry for the mistakes, it's a long text but I like to leave you now where I am:bowtie:

some pictures of me and my cars!
flo 350 1.jpg
flo 350 2.jpg
z28 camaro flo.jpg
e30 hd1.jpg
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Mar 23, 2014
Ocala, Florida
Congratulations on getting the car of your dreams. Welcome to Nasty! Don't drink too much of our coolaid as it is very addictive.
A great journey is before you. Enjoy!!

Florian Hell

Let's enjoy the cars while there's still time!
Dec 25, 2020
south alsace France
[QUOTE = "jbloake, post: 3822440, membre: 5469"] Je reconnais la voiture. Votre père doit l'avoir publié avant. [/ QUOTE]
yes the car still on google image , but my father is not in that z28 forum

Florian Hell

Let's enjoy the cars while there's still time!
Dec 25, 2020
south alsace France
thanks you all yes when i start restoration i took some pictures and i create a new forum only for the rebuild projet of my z28 i let you now here when i going to start the forum


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May 8, 2020
I loved my visit to France and Sweitz in '89! :)
I suggest you edit your thread title as it's confusing.

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