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    I started working on cars as a child with my father. As I got older my own ideals and opinions began to take shape. By the time I was 16 I built my first car a 1971 Camaro and the fever had set in. It was during this time that I originally met Mike (madMike to some of you). Since then I have always been glued to this forum. I spent many years just reading threads and soaking up knowledge. I am finally able to start giving back to this amazing community and I hope that you all will join me in my efforts to do so.

    I went to trade school for general mechanics and fabrication. I became an ASE certified technician & diagnostician but my heart still pulled me back to what I love doing which is designing and fabricating. I have professionally done fabrication, welding, general maintenance on classics and modern vehicles, HVAC, collision, painting, engine design & performance builds, resin casting, as well as electronic design. I have worked for independent shops and I have worked for major GM powerhouses such as GMMG inc. I have watched others make great products and I have watched those same people make huge mistakes. It's now my turn to venture off and do my thing. Hopefully I payed attention and do not repeat the mistakes of others.

    When I say we can do it all from start to finish I truly mean it. More importantly though we work hand in hand with our customers to make sure they get the exact product to fit their needs.

    I am always here to answer questions and solve problems even if I was the one making them. :) If you need anything either contact me through here or through our website and I will try to solve the issue.

    Lee Rader
    Rader Classics.
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