Act of terrorism in Wisconsin

The Champ

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Sep 14, 2000
I don't know that is terrorism.

Possibly considered a hate crime though - depending on the race of the perpetrator.

I understand the dislike of spearing fish, but cannot condone the actions.

It's a good thing that nobody was inside at the time, or murder/attempted murder charges would be forthcoming.


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Jun 9, 1999
To give a good answer we're going to need more info.

Law says can only do this every 7 years.
Which tells me that there is most likely a close knit of people that actually do this.

When that close knit of people get together there are certain "rules" one abides by. My guess is this guy plopped his tent down, the guys talked to him about it. He said F**k you, then this happened.

It's like camping. They can be some bastards. You go pulling into a spot and a few hours later, guy comes along as says, "Hey your new here, haven't seen you here before." "This is "reds" camp ground he's been here for years, could you find a different spot."
You get pissy and say f**k off, next thing you know your camp ground is messed with on a daily basis.

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