advise on fighting a ticket


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Nov 9, 2005
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My .02 is go in and make a deal with the asst. pros., along the lines of 65 and not the 71.
FYI, if your cruise is set a say 65 MPH and the road has an incline in it, the engine will increase your Rev's to keep the speed steady. After the incline the Rev's sometime kick your ground speed faster.
Does that make sense?


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Dec 31, 2002
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I hear ya. I'm no "cop hater" either. Just the matter of fact.. if I was doing the speed, I'd pay it n deal with it. If the points weren't so high and there was no driver responsibilty assessment of $100 per year for 3 years, I'd also just pay the fine and lesser points to avoid the hassle. . But it's just too much to swallow imo because i wasn't doing the speed.


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Feb 2, 2008
Fight it and request the latest court there's a 60%video chance he won't show up. I already won two this way

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Apr 1, 2010
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if you have not had a parking ticket in over 10 years a lawyer can get it reduced to a 401A or whaterver it is called. Its a parking in a non parking spot without the use of hazard lights. Non moving violation no points just a small fine. I have only got 2 tickets in my life been driving for nearly 14 years. My first ticket was easily reduced.


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Apr 27, 2005
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It'll cost you - but for something with large points looming I usually just hire a lawyer. Last ticket I had an "over 50" in a 30 (so same 6 points), lawyer path got this changed to a non-moving violation, I paid the town $100 (so they got their bucks), nothing on license, everyone is happy.


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Dec 31, 2002
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Emailed a lawyer about fighting the ticket for me. He said in NYC with the tvb (traffic violations bureau) there is no plea bargains. Plead not guilty. Goes to trial. It's either all or nothing. No guarantees.. his fee is $425. So it will cost me anywhere from $425 - $1000 basically. . Think I may just pay it. But gonna try one or two more lawyers n see what they say. Already answered the ticket not guilty. Court date for 6/16. So I have a little time. I can go back n change my plea and pay it if I decide.


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Aug 18, 2011
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SpeedAddict02 said:
Got a speeding ticket this morning in the Bronx.. First one in almost 10 years..:(

Was heading to work and just not paying attention.. Just in my lane, cruising. On the Major Deegan, PO pulled out from the gas station that's right before Van Cortland Park and pulls me over. I was in the left lane. Anyway, He told me he clocked me at 71mph. Speed limit is 50mph. I know I wasn't doing 71 b/c I had my cruise control set to 65. So wtf do I do? I didn't argue with him.. I was running late as it is, and I just don't argue with POs. Took the ticket and went on my way..

But I'm reading the back of the ticket now, and it says if you are doing 21mph over the limit it's a minimum 6 points plus the Driver Responsibility Assessment which I think is like $100/yr for 3 yrs.. Plus the initial fine is $203.. THAT got me pissed b/c like I said, I wasn't doing 71.

I want to fight it, but not sure what my chances are.. I have no problem pleading guilty to 65, and paying the fine. I admit I was doing that. But I just don't know how to prove my case to the judge. My word against his..

He looked real young. Probably a rookie and even seemed slightly nervous when he approached the car. I mentioned I worked for Transit (MTA) and was on my way to work and apologized that I wasn't paying attention to my speed.. Kinda Hoping, but not expecting, a courtesy or little leniency.. But that didn't happen.

Any advice?

If you can find out the method he used (radar vs. laser) you can do your homework on innaccuracy or known issues with error..
The device must be calibrated each day he uses it, and it must be logged and recorded. He must produce that in court if you request it.
Go with a diagram of the scene where you were ticketed showing the position of he and you. Any issues with innaccuracy due to other traffic or position when he targeted you?
Dress professionally and be very respectful.
Good luck.


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Jun 1, 2010
Why were you in the speed lane? "Just in my lane cruising." Merge right as all traffic should unless passing. :)

Plenty of good info above. The usual is drag it out, get new dates, and hope the cop has better things to do when the time comes.
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Dec 30, 2010
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Move. The entire DRA thing is unconstitutional.
If you pay the ticket, you cannot plead not guilty to the DRA. Ask me how I know.
To this day I cannot drive in NY state.
I did have to take a DDC ($40 online) in Indiana to keep my license here and the other 48 states.