Air Cleaner Clearance

Green hornet

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Oct 11, 2015
North Bay, CA
I have a repop 70 duel snorkel air cleaner with HEI distributor, had to massage the air cleaner ever so slightly with a rubber mallet on the back. Fits fine with no issues. I’m using a performer manifold also. Has just enough hood clearance.


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Feb 16, 2013
Ontario Canada
Thanks. It's also the carb height that is an issue for Matt Boggs and myself. I'm trying to find info on whether the Edelbrock Performer RPM #7101, 7104 (yours) has a different carb height than the Performer AIR-GAP 7501. Having a bit of difficulty tracking that info down. Found a measurement chart on Edelbrock website, but it does not list these manifolds.


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Sep 15, 1999
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Hey Mark, What's the big long (oval) cutout for on your fender there? Just behind the rad support bracket. Was that a cutout for a cold air intake bellows? My 76 has the identical indent in the metal there, but no cutout. Some First gens had a cutout into the firewall above the heater box for the cowl induction of course.

The ‘74 is not my car but from the Internet. Mines a 70 Z28 in the other pics I posted.


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Apr 3, 2010
The undersides of most of those aftermarket-style air cleaners are the same, from what I saw a while back. Which is 1" higher than the L88-style open element 14" diameter original Chevy open element air cleaner. BUT that works fine on my '77 Camaro, with the 3" tall factory element. The 14" diameter works fine with the HEI, too, BUT is very close on the back, so I filed it a bit just to be sure. Those CPP air cleaners also come on some of the "Turn Key" crate motors, which have HEIs on them. Looks like some of those units might have a 2" tall filter element in them?