Air Cleaner Clearance

Matt Boggs

Sep 29, 2021
On my '74 350 I'm using the Corvette dual snorkel air cleaner with the rear indent (looks like the last one Steemo listed), with a 2 inch K&N filter. HEI, Edelbrock Air gap manifold, Edelbrock 650 carb with electric choke, stock hood, a new hood pad, and a plastic wing nut just in case.

It barely clears as you can see by the indent in the pad.

And I have new motor mounts (with new rubber)
Wow, what is that distributor? Are you getting enough air flow?

Matt Boggs

Sep 29, 2021
This is getting fun, can't wait for this to happen. I can't really tell until i get my car back from the painter in a month. Front end will be left off so we can slide the motor/trans combo in withot having to lift it over the new paint job. I can't wait as painter has had the care for, ugh, a year!!!

Matt Boggs

Sep 29, 2021
See pictures.


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Feb 17, 2000
Sacramento, CA
Those fender induction cutout is original on this very late 74 car in the model year. , as production pieces shifted to newer 1975 features
BTW ….that’ s a pic my 74 car s HEI Z28 engine plastered all over the internet from like 18 years ago. Not quite that nice now …lol
Here is such, the late 74 / 75 induction.


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Oct 23, 2018
New York
hey gents..
so great article and feed backs,
have a 73 Z, all original -Engine, although it looks original.
i purchased 5 years ago, had previous 71 & 72 RS Z's in my time.
So they installed a Edelbrock 2101 Performance w/Edelbrock Carb, has original dual snorkel, and i put the hood insulation as well.
HEI Distributor,, and the air cleaner does not sit right, I Do Not like it.
I also purchased a standard GM Round one, and still does not sit correctly..

although it does look like it clears the hood, guess manifolds/carb installed makes a difference.
she has an L88 Hood and with inner circle cut out.

I just purchased a stock point Distributor 1112148 3B13, and it's going in, soon as it get tested.
I'm tired of that HEI and air cleaner not sitting correctly.

I will also be putting back the original hood on that i have when purchased my Z.

so i tried taking some pics for you, thru the L88 as best as i can, and hope it helps? if zoomed in may be able to see it.
haven't taken her out yet, still covered, perhaps when i take her and being in the sun i can get a better pic


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