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    I have a 71 Camaro that needs a 1995 LT1 between it's fenders, and this is swap I've been planning for a long time. Way too long. Less talk, more action. :rolleyes:
    Ironing out some of the last bugs in the planning stages now....

    I have the stock eletrical still on the 71, which consists of an alternator with an external regulator mounted next to the radiator. I know it's common practice to convert to the modern style internal regulator which came about in 1974-5 ish??? Don't know exactly what that entails on an old skool carbed SBC but I'm sure I can find it in past topics in the electrical section here....

    My question is about retrofitting the 95 LT1 alternator and accessories with the engine. I plan on using the donor car's wiring harness which will be a fairly straighforward and self-sufficient modification. But what about adding all of the Camaro's stock accessories (horn, headlights, interior lights, etc.) and stock wiring for this stuff up to the new alternator and charging system?

    What did you early second gen owners have to do to solve this?

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