Always nice to come home with extra cash

Marv D

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This is pretty crazy,,,
Went to the track last night looking for rpm's but same story,,, nothing seems to make a difference. Car is deathly consistant with a 6600 shift, 6900 and above costs ET and consistancy. Three laps into the T&T they call the gambler to the lanes. Then the announcer comes on and says "Marv Davis to lane 3, were waiting on you" WTF!!!! I've got the plugs out, just drained the fuel, timing is at 30,,, nowhere NEAR race ready. I laugh and go about my business, had no intentions of running the gambler. 3 minutes later announcer again beckons me to lane 3 for the gambler just as a track official pulls up to see the car is just going back together. He calls the tower and they postpone the gambler for 10 minutes while they run the Jr's. These guys must really want my donation
. Sooo what's a guy to do,,, I thrash the car into it's 'normal' race tuneup, set the shift for 6600 and run for the lanes with no read data for the evening, but WTF,, let's go racing.
Dial 10.54 for the air and fortunately the other lane breaks out by more,,, I run 10.534 WHEW! a win is a win,,, at least I now have something to work from. Second round the car does as expected,, looses 0.02 to the right lane and goes 10.558 on a 10.55 dial. Long story short,,, Finals and I'm paired with my nemesis Ken Perdue (my good friend who put me out in the semi's last team race, and were nearly tied for 2nd place in the team points) Casa^Nova does it's job and goes 10.532 on a 10.53 dial in the left lane to take the win light by 0.0016. Ohhhh baby what a race!!! I LOVE it when it's fender and fender all the way down the track. No games, just balz to the wall to the stripe. Plucking the $'s out of Kens pocket just made it all that much sweeter.

So given the win money, what I spent on the upper end fuels, entry fees, track fees and tow fuel,,, left enough in my pocket to pay the entry fee into next weeks team rase. LIFE IS GOOD!!! (even if this pig won't rev!)


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Feb 24, 2002
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Who cares about revving?? With that consistency, dont worry about it!
Many guys cant get consistency but can rev to the moon. I think I would take the consistency any day. Good job!


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Mar 25, 1999
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<font face="Arial,Verdana" size="2">10.532 on a 10.53 dial </font>
Damn - I can't blink that consistantly

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