Another about stock fuel pump pressure


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Feb 25, 2002
memphis, tn-shelby
Seems like every stock replacement fuel pump I install has insanely high fuel pressure. Big block or small.
Latest was an AC Delco 40987.
Car ran ok but couldn’t keep the floats down. Put a gauge on it, 9.5 psi. Unreal. Surprised the quick fuel could remotely handle it. Got it down to 6 and now the car runs great.

Everything from now on gets a regulator and gauge.


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Oct 2, 2013
I had a similar problem. At the time, the best bang I thought was the Edelbrock mechanical fuel pump. It only puts out 5.5psi. Was less expensive than a decent regulator and decent gauge. It is also clockable for clearance issues if needed. Had it on for over 5 years, and no issues. My carb is an Eddy, which are very sensitive to pressures over 6psi.

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