Anti-LS to doing an LS--beginning of a build thread.


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Aug 8, 2014
West of Chicago IL
I am a LONG way from where you are, but I hope you take a video and post it for us to watch!

I decided to throw some flat tops in it since I have it apart. They are cheap and I don't want to bore the engine since I don't need to.
Pay no attention to the goofy antics, that was for two of my brothers in AZ that are car guys.
Fired right up, my controller is bad so I can't tune it but the new one should be here Tuesday.


Jan 12, 2015
A good friend just installed a LS3 into his 68 Camaro. He used the Holley pan, stock Corvette would not fit.
It was an expensive install. Had to convert his fans to electric and add the fuel pump to the tank.
However, the results were outstanding. Stock LS3 motor has serious traction issues. (430hp)
The Camaro is now tire limited in a big way. The motor weighs 100 pounds less than a stock SBC.
An maybe 200lb less than a BBC. It will be a headache but worth it.
I can say it looks like it was designed to be installed into the Camaro.
You will have to change out the water pump to a different style to use the LS6 intake.
That belts will not clear the intake usless something is changed.

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