anyone have a RF lower A-arm for 70-1/2

Marv D

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Coming home from the Run to the Pines car show my son and daughters 70-1/2 broke a drivers side lower a-arm. The idiots at Desert Valley Auto ( has a yard here in Casa Grande) did the typical "Oh sure we have that" and sent one from a 74 down to CG yard. The 74 and the 70 AINT the same but apparently were stuck with the wrong part and nothing but yard credit.

Neil isn't a purist, but doesn't want to go hacking the frame to make the 74 bolts fit. So anyone by chance have a 70-1/2 to 73 lower drivers side A arm laying around?

Please PM if you do.




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Dec 5, 2007
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Hi Marv. I am certain I have a stock one for 70-73 that had been blasted and painted with new ball joint and bushings installed. I will check tonight and post a picture for you.
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May 22, 2013
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Additionally, I have one that I just pulled from my 73...but it hasn't been primed or painted or anything. You can probably see it in the first 1-2 pages on my progress page below.

Marv D

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Jeff thanks,, PM replied to

Yup Bonzo,, the bushing end cracked and he felt it was loose,, then it broke through and the bushing pulled through the top of the A-arm


Pretty damn scary considering the road we had just traveled