Anyone here own the '70 Z28 in the Jan 2010 Muscle Car Review?


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Mar 11, 2005
scottsdale, az
twozs said:
you should have come to NY to curry( still in business) that car in the mag is nice (triple green with white stripes) in some photos it look like the rims are gold! other photos there grey. ( that magazine been out for a while)

I was still in high school then ... barely had my driver's license, a new Z28 in NY would not have been in the picture ...

however seeing them new in the Detroit area lit a fuse that I was able to act on a few years later in AZ :)
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Oct 3, 1999
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Here is some paint info from Mike Slaughter, who did Larry's car:

"The code 48 forest green is called Sherwood green by BASF Glasurit. Same color! BASF stock # 2269, GM WA2269. Larry’s car is an LA car so the underside was black instead of red oxide."