Anyone know about hot water heaters?

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    I just replaced my electric water heater - 40 gal tank. The old one was ready to burst at the seam - looked pregnant.....
    I install my own drain valves on all my heaters - to make it easy to flush. (pipe size is 3/4") I purchase a brass 2" nipple with a ball valve and a short nipple on the front of the valve so I can hook up a garden hose so I can drain the water into the nearby drain (which is code).

    With well water you would want to flush twice a year. I just did a flush on mine yesterday and it was freaking tell tale sign of needing a flush is that your hot water stinks like sulfur.

    Also, you may want to look into replacing the anode (if your tank is still salvageable).

    My 2 pennies.

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