Anyone with Speedtech suspension that can help with front wheel width?


Nov 24, 2015
New Mexico
I’ve got a 71 with Speedtechs torque arm rear and front “Street fighter” suspension and need to order front wheels. I’ve got 19x11 Rusforth wheels I had built for the mini tubbed rear, but I need help with the fronts. I’ve searched through all 99 pages of the wheel/tire thread and didn’t see anything similar. I want to go with 19” up front, but not sure on what width and bs to order. I’m thinking 19x9 or 19x9.5 (I’m using a 255 30 r19 tire) but I need to know what back spacing to go with. I contacted Speedtech and despite spending a lot of money with them, they were no help and wouldnt give me any opinion/ share any experience of what they have seen used on the front, disappointing to say the least! If anyone has a similar setup and can offer a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Street fighter kit should use the same wheels. A 26" tall tire no wider than 255mm on an 8" wheel is your best bet. between 5-5.5" backspace