Assasin bars and drag racing 60 foots

Marko Sparky

New Member
Aug 6, 2022
Having major traction issues
73 Camaro.454.Brodix ovals
950 carb.RPM intake .Lunati solid flat tappit.Turbo 400.FTI 3200 stall.390 gear.295 drag radials.Assasin bars.Initally ran a vic jr and fst 850 carb.
Best 60 ft was 1.62 @117.
11.42.That was dead hooking whatever I did,still dead hooked.
Changed intake over to RPM dualplane and 950 carb
New rear leaf springs.Bars set up higher and no pre load.
Car ran again 11.40 but improved mph to 119.78.
60 fts .blowing off tires 1.77 ,60ft.From dead hooking to blowing off tires .Set bars to bottom holes with half turn preload.aired tires down from 18.5 to 16 and blew them off again. Competition Eng.shocks rear at 50/50.
So making more power down low and top end but 60 fts worse.If i could get to 60 ft in low 1.50s or even high 1.40s think it should run 11.20s.Timing total is 38 degrees.Maybe try softening rear shocks.A buddy said front tires close to lifting off ground briefly.Iam at a loss with my 60s.

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