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I had a Quicksilver in my 78Z and just ordered another one for my 80Z, comes in tomorrow. I got it on Amazon for 329. while everyone else is getting 405. or more for them. I had to look deep into amazon for that price they started at 379. while it said sold and ships from amazon it's coming from a warehouse in Indy called Meyer Distributing, and I just looked at the tracking info from UPS and it went from Indy to Oklahoma City then to Tulsa for delivery tomorrow which is really stupid because you have to drive thru Tulsa to get to OKC from Indy???
Do you have a link to Amazon? thanks


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May 17, 2004
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Looking at purchasing the B&M Megashifter part # 80694 for my 1981 with a turbo 350, I have a couple questions, from doing some research, the cable that comes in the kit is too long? does anyone know the correct length of cable to buy and part # ?

also on the factory shifter cable there is a boot where it goes through the floor, can you remove the boot and use it on the B&M shifter cable?

do you have to drill any new holes in the floor to mount the megashifter ? or does it bolt in the factory shifter holes?

is there anything else you will be required to buy to install this shifter?

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The long cable is so it doesn't have sharp bends with the install, loop it around the back of the transmission and then forward over the transmission and uturn into the shifter.


Aug 27, 1999
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I had a megashifter in my first 76 it used the factory cable. This 76 I have now I put a hurst v matic shifter in it's a drop in to the console.


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