Baby shower gift ideas for a boy???

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Nov 2, 2002
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P.S. Gifts aren't required,Just I'm old-have cash remember how it was when I was 25 The father to be is really with it I see so many useless 25 year olds roll thru the shop I feel compelled to get him/their child something for a start.Thanks guys Steve!!
Love that attitude man. IMO we gotta look out for the younger folks like the older one did for us.


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Dec 7, 2014
When I was younger I would not have gone to a baby shower, but at this age and after having had kids, I will absolutely go and support the young parents.

Anyone inviting ME to a baby shower knows they will not get a gender-neutral gift for their new "theybie..." A boy will get Harley overalls a real steel tonka truck or a real wood activity toy of some sort. Girls get whatever my wife picks.
No plastic Chinese Walmart crap.

As they get older, they get Lego blocks (it's a parental right of passage to step on a Lego block while running for your screaming kid at 2am), outdoor toys and sports stuff.

doug m

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Mar 31, 2020
best invention ever when they start screaming bloody murder, crank that handle a few times and there out. wife had different ways, but i used this.


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Jun 17, 2006
Real men get, Holley carburetors, Performance Camshafts and other assorted Chevy parts for Baby shower gifts.🤣


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Dec 24, 2013
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9/16 box end open end wrench. that's what you get the baby. snap on would be good, maybe a vintage proto would also work. If you really want to be nice, attach a pacifier to the box end side of the tool


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Oct 15, 2000
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Been a rough two weeks here-work and home! Anyway the "shower" was great he knew nothing of it,The supervisor said we were having a group lunch at 11:30.we all started slowly sneaking out at 11:15 and had a fella distract him in the test area so they were the last ones in.He was so surprised he ran out, after he came back we had a great time,one of the ladies had him get his wife on the video phone so she could watch/make him open presents-they both teared up-Really a cool thing for a nice young man and his wife.Real true companionship/humanity there!
Best present for the party atmosphere was a fella who put $50 in a fuse box and proceeded to go up with 7 total boxes each bigger than the one before each sealed differently,taped,strapped,shrink wrapped,blow foamed strap tape,water tape etc-the young man got to the last and didnt'see the money all folded in there and thought it was a gag and threw the box down.Actually was the most endearing thing to humanity I've seen in the last 2 weeks-Thanks again for the hints-tips Steve!

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