Best affordable insulation for noise


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May 4, 2001
There's a big difference between noise and vibration. All that foil back, peel seal, dynamat absorbs metal vibration not noise levels. You need an insulating pad to reduce the noise. My whole floor is foil back mat and it's far from quite. I'm looking to buy the mass backing carpet


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Mar 25, 2010
marietta ohio
I used mine on the front floor boards to reduce heat from the headers. I used two layers on the front and decided I might as well do the rear so I put one layer on the rear.


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Feb 2, 2008
I ended up using peel n seek
Because of all the car reviews it has and man the doors close great!!!


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Jan 4, 2013
Victoria BC
Okay so here's what I did with my '80. In hindsight maybe it was overkill but it's done now. First I laid down and very complete layer of peel and stick. I used a product called BQuiet. Now just to let you kids south of the border know this product is made in canada but they ship to the US (worldwide). With the US $ being so strong it is good value.

There is another product that is well worth your consideration offered by a gut that posts on here called Car Insulation. A good product, reasonable price but poor crush characteristics ( only downside). Car Insulation ships within the US.

After I got the peel and stick down I was gong to put down jute but then I decided to use the Duct Insulation from home depot or maybe I got it at KMS tools, don't really remember. It was 25$/roll I used less than 2 rolls. The trick with the duct insulation is because it is foil backed 2 sides you have to glue it down with spray adhesive. I used the nastiest 3M super product I could find and man does it stick.

In order to prevent uplift along the rag edges I used super thin Nason mylar tape to tape the edge to the peel and stick underlay. Then as the adjacent piece was laid in I taped the seams. So every and I mean EVERY edge is taped.

Putting a good sound/heat barrier down is a time consuming exercise. I've seen posts on a Corvette forum where guys say the did in 3 to 4 hours. BS. They're certainly not going to detail that I would do.


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Mar 18, 2013
Pearland, texas
I've been researching this for a while too, and have looked into this stuff. I've been on a small hiatus with my project, but back on track now. I'm ok using the butyl products, but my wallet says I'm wallet I mean wife, lol.