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Apr 21, 2008
SE Washington
There's lots of waxes on shelves. New ones always coming around...

What have you guys found to be the best wax? Ease of application, shine, longevity, water beading...

I usually prefer Meguiar's products, so when I saw their NXT I gave it a shot. I wouldn't recommend this one, it doesn't buff off easily, and doesn't give much of a shine nor longevity. It wouldn't even buff out water spots.

Simply Z-Best is one of my favorites; it doesn't lat terribly long, but is super easy to apply, and gives a great shine and water protection.

For metals, I can't complain about any Mother's products, but my favorite there is Flitz. It's a wonderful product, but somehow even the large quart cans always get lost in my garage...


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Aug 16, 2006
scarint said:
It wouldn't even buff out water spots.

That's because wax isn't meant for buffing out water spots or any other type of paint damage. Wax is strictly for protecting your paint. For paint correction, try Megs ScratchX 2.0 or Ultimate Compound. If you're serious about removing defects, try using one of the above products, or Meguiars M105 and/or M205 with a dual action orbital buffer like the Porter Cable 7424XP or the Meguiars G110v2. Either of these buffers are safe for a beginner to use without worrying about burning through your paint. Follow that up with your favorite wax.

Here's a link to my favorite detailing forum:

As far as my favorite wax goes, I used Meguiars M21 sealant on my daily driver in April, and it still beads pretty well. Sealant does basically the same thing as wax, but it's synthetic, whereas wax contains more natural ingredients. You can't get M21 at just any store, but you might find it at your local paint and body supply shop, or you can order from any number of places online.

Here's where I order my Meguiars stuff:


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Oct 22, 2009
Greenville, TX
#2 for Meguire's forum.

I use M21 sealer as well on my DD. I top it with Meguire's M26 Hi Tech yellow wax. I just use wax on my 79 as it doesn't spend as much time in the elements.

Waxes protect, they do not correct paint defects. Defects such as scratches, swirl marks, water marks, etc have to be polished out.

Here's a link with videos that might be helpful.

Here are some more.

Check out chapter 10

Remember, clean then polish if needed before you wax. Swirl marks, water spots, etc can be reduced by proper cleaning methods.

Good luck.


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Aug 9, 2002
Altoona, PA
#3 fan of Megs

I am a #26 fan and should have done that this week to the DD, could have used a quickie buff out too, the paint is 9months old to this point with no wax ever applied.

There are many brands. I like Megs because I can get it at NAPA, my jobber, Advance, Autozone etc. I prefer real, natural wax for some reason but all of this is preference and you will likely get other opinions.

If you have water marks, paint defects, mild pitting or tree sap on other contaminants you may need to clay, then buff and finish with wax.. . .I never found a wax that really shortcut all of those steps!

Let us know what you do use so that we might learn.

Steve's 74

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Dec 29, 2003
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DAWG said:
Ive tried them all but found this gem of a wax with a catchy name.
works wonders !
According to their website you can "Just spray it on, rub to a haze, and buff it out. Even over dirt!"
yea, right! :rolleyes: try that and you know what you end up with.....
a fukkenmess that requires a fukkenswirlremover
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Dec 3, 2003
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Meguires is hands down the best stuff I have ever found. I have a Porter Cable random orbit auto detailer/buffer. With the right heads and their full line of products you can make any car sparkle like never before. I bought these foam buffing heads and they are the best thing ever. No more messy bonnets to stretch over a foam head. The heads velcro to the buffer head receiver and there are various heads for different things. The heads wash up with soap and water and can be used dozens of times.

Don't be afraid to learn how to wet sand either. It just takes patience and a light touch. Then go after it with 2 or 3 levels of different polishes and the right heads and you will be amazed at the results.

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