Best carb for street driven only 350


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Jun 17, 2006
TAZZ 1 IF the engine I am working on wasn't already equipped with a square flange Vortec intake manifold I would definitely consider using a Q-Jet.
I think even with a 1/2 spacer adapter running a Q-jet wit that drop base GM air cleaner and a 3" air filter would work just fine.


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Sep 4, 2013
Oviedo, Florida
I have this quickfuel carb on my 80' Camaro with a mild built 355 (vortec heads, LT4 hot cam) and it is awesome. Really easy to tune, parts readily available, have not had any problems with it, runs great!

600CFM is more then enough for a mild 350. You go higher in CFM the more tuning you will need out of the box to lean it out for your motor.
I have one of these as well but mine is a 750. It's a great street carb.

Running a blow through proform 750 without a choke on the camaro and 110 can be an issue to start but not as hard as you'd think. The proform also works well but it does tend to drink fuel. Personally, I prefer the models without chokes so that I have control over how much of the mixture it's receiving.
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