Best choice doner car for 200R4 OD

Discussion in 'High Tech Retrofits' started by Tru70SS/RS, Mar 17, 2006.

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    thinking about looking for a doner car w/ a 200R4 that i can pull the OD trans for my 70 SS 350. were there some models with beefier transmissions or were they all equal from the factory? do i want to stick with the stock converter?

    i have a 200R4 in my 70 wagon but dont know what car it came out of (80's malibu? monte carlo?). i really like the lower rpm's on the freeways. my wagon is a column shift and because of the linkage the shifter is unable to shift into the lowest gear. no big deal but my camaro is a floor shift.
    will i be able to shift into the lowest gear?
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    Search! I know the info is out there-this has been discussed recently.
    Anyway, the Grand National had the best version, Monte SS had the next best. The later years are usually better than the earlier.
    I believe all the parts are available to make the "worst" version equal to the "best" so I wouldn't worry too much.
    I thought the transmissions had the same travel from park to low, regardless of number of speeds. I thought it was just a matter of how close the detents were. I do know you can convert the Camaro's three-speed shifter into a four-speed, so you will be fine.
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    i like a 700r4 from a 1987 x police car / taxi
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    He didn't ask about a 700-R4....

    The more desirable 200 cores were the GN, MCSS, Hurst Olds, etc..

    However any can be made to work, it largely depends on what you want for WOT shift rpm.

    The internals didn't really differ between the "good" units and the less desirable ones.

    The primary pieces that you need are a good valve body, matching governor if possible, and servo.

    For over 400 lb ft of torque I would buy a good forward drum from CK Performance.
    It's $400.

    I have a BRF valve body (86-87 GN) I won't be using. That's the main hard to find part...

    I would use a Superior Servo or an old 200 3 speed piston casting number ending in 112, cover in 134...

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