Best leather seat cleaner/restorer


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Jan 6, 2003
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What`s the opinions on leather seat cleaners/restoration chemicals? I`m working on the seats on the 1997 30th Anniversary Vert that I recently purchased. Back story, it has been stored most of its life indoors and the seats aren`t bad they just need a little TLC.


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Apr 2, 2016
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What about good old fashioned Saddle soap? You can get it almost anywhere. Under 10 bucks. For tough stuff use ammonia with warm water and mild soap like Dish soap. Very simple.
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Jan 27, 2015
This doesn't apply to your situation; your seats look like they just need a light cleaning, I worked for a dealership awhile back that had a small second lot in our town and they would bring some of their trade-ins in for me to detail in my spare time. It was a Ford Explorer with light tan leather seats and interior that looked like it had never been cleaned and the owner had many kids! I tried several various cleaners on the seats with marginal results and my wife had some of those Magic Erasers so I thought I would give them a shot. Seats looked like new! Steamcleaned the carpets and put the seats back in and the dealership owner came in and looked at the interior and was speechless, which for a lifelong car salesman was saying something! Just used a mild soap solution with them.

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