Best supplyer of body panels


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Aug 31, 2014
Alberta Canada
I am just about to start a restoration of a 80 z28 and am looking for some help on picking the best supplyer of replacement panels. I'm Looking at the best quality not the best prices. Want to buy once install and move on. I have found camaro depot (in Canada) classic industry's. Classic one. National parts depot. Auto metal direct. Year one. Goodmank summit racing uses.


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Feb 16, 2012
76_TypeLT said:
How about some used originals?

A good body man can work with any panel and make it look good. Even original GM panels are not just going to drop on plus the cost versus value of restoring an 80 Camaro doesn't justify it? I suggest AMD. People are having really good fit with their stuff and there are plenty of show and magazine reviews.

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