Big Blocks, How you like'n them?

Rich Schmidt

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Mar 27, 2010
Denville NJ
I love them all.:) I run a big block chevy in my Firebird and a 408 small block in my Camaro. One thing to think about when you start thinking gas mileage is what kind of performance you want. You can run 11's with a 454 with 3.23 gears and a 2500 stall convertor,or you can run 11's with a 383 with 4.56 gears and a 4000 stall convertor. Of course some guys may say to put a power adder on the small block to go just as fast as the big block,but I say put a power adder on the big block and go even faster. As for expense,you would be suprised to know that it is usually cheaper to go fast with a big block. The stock block,crank,rods ect can all handle 600+ hp,and the stock heads even on a truck engine once given a basic performance rebuild flow as well as all but the best aftermarket small block heads. No need to pay extra for features like 1.7:1 rockers,or canted valve heads. The weight difference isnt all that much either. The short block weighs about 100# more,and the heads are about 30# each more for the iron to iron head comparison and 15# more comparing aluminum to aluminum heads on each head.

Also,just to reitterate what I have mentioned in the past,cheap headers that are listed for big blocks in 70-72 Camaros fit the later ones as long as you use the 70-72 engine mounts,or cut a coirner off the later style mounts. So,you dont need the $600 headers either.

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