Brake Fluid Slime


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Jul 5, 2009
mankato, mn
I don’t know that brake clean won’t ruin the seals in the m/c. Typically brake cleaner is pretty harsh on rubber especially if saturated in it.

But then again probably can’t hurt to try the m/c is probably junk anyway at this point.


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Jul 9, 2003
Alabama, USA
I would remove the MC and bench bleed it, open all the bleeders, then with the open brake lines I would get a large syringe or funnel with a clear hose on it and add brake clean until it came out of the bleeders. Then shoot compressed air from the front open brake lines. Then gravity bleed with your favorite brake fluid, close bleeders, then bleed them one by one.
I replaced the master cylinder with a new one and flushed the system to remove all traces of the old brake fluid. I also have new brake hoses and pads. The brake pedal feels great and is very firm and progressive.