BurnttoastBurgos 1979 Z build post.


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Jan 22, 2019
Nice eye candy! Looking great.
Thank you. I can appreciate anyone who builds a car to be as clean as possible, given the time and money. By clean i mean, routing wires to be hidden, proper prep before paint...not just mask and rattle can, keeping things neat and tucked away. I have more time than money so to wait for things to come in sandblasted and powder coated was a huge plus for me. I didnt will not do gaudy, blingy stuff, no red or chrome, just parts that perform and keeping the engine bay classy as possible. I would like to be driving by summer but that time frame is in my painters hands now.


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Nov 10, 2022
Hello, here is a build post for my 1979 Z with 59k miles. I like to document the build along the way and this forum has proven to be very valuable with information and content. Thanks for the help with questions and input.

I originally decided to go oem, period correct, but as my previous builds, decided against it. The mileage has been documented through through the years with all paperwork leading up to my ownership. The matching numbers block was fitted with a cam of some sort and a trans rebuild that obviously has a shift kit. This will be yanked and stored in the crate when new engine arrives.

We will be dismantling piece by piece and sent off to get stripped of all paint. This will most likely be my last build as time, patience and money all get shorter as time goes on. I will sandblast and powder coat as much as possible, as I have easy and affordable access to a powder coater near me.

So far, items purchased to date and waiting install is the following:

383/475 with Sniper intake built by Engine Factory in Jersey. build in que
Pypes exhaust.
TKX 5 speed, full turn key set up.
Complete UMI 2.5 suspension: UCA/LCA, Leafs, Coils, HD Sway bars, alum body mounts, UMI Traction bars and all the trimmings.
Viking shocks, adjustable
Chassisworks g-Connector System.
Gunmetal Ramblers 18x8 and 18x9.5 with Nitto 245/40R18 fronts and 275/40R18 rears
House of Kolors Tangelo Orange Pearl.
TMI Interior: Distressed Buck & Amber Suede Front seats with tracks, rear seat covers, door panels, rear dash, console, extra material for headliner and dashboard.
OC Carpets: Charcoal Grey
SeatBeltsPlus: front and rear seat belts, charcoal.
Griffin alum radiator with dual spals.
Quik Performance: big web 9" w/35 splines, 3:50, TrueTrac, Wilwood discs w/e-brake

Motor to arrive by August, rear to arrive by September. Interior? who knows.

Blue front seats and rear seat skins, door panels and console will be for sale shortly.



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Aug 13, 2005
Honolulu, Hawaii USA
Nice car! I still have mine. Same color combination. I have been busy and will get back at my car next year I think. I love your car! you have a console for sale? what other blue interior parts do you have?


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Jan 22, 2019
Got a big box from Inline Tube today. Installed the cross line under engine and the braided lines to calipers. Also installed some UMI Performance goodness: anti sway bar, front frame support, and bump steer rod ends. The rest of the Pro Forged tie rod ends and associated steering hardware came in and had enough time to get to a good stopping point.

QuickTime bellhousing arrives next Monday, so that's a long time coming bonus.

Also ordered a hidden wiper motor and assembly from Rain Gear Wipers today. VERY nice gentleman to speak with, and they actually answered the phone !! Now I can weld some more of the firewall holes up as this motor sits in the air intake in cowl.

At this point, I'm getting antsy to drop engine in, index bellhousing, mount the trans and put wheels on as a 1/2 roller. Would be nice to install headers and dress the front of engine.

Any thoughts to keep the build going while waiting on the body?




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Jan 22, 2019
Auto City Classics box o' glass came in......went with grey tinted sides and rear....darker than I expected, which is fine with me. I never knew they could tint the entire glass in-between the layers, pretty neat.


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Jan 22, 2019
Got an email from Northwest Crafted Interiors that my dash is on the bench and getting patterns ready to recover.....When I ordered the TMI Interior set up, I ordered 4 extra yards of matching material, enough to cover headliner and dash with the identical material as the darker Distressed Buckskin color on seats. Anxiously awaiting progress pics of that dash.

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