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Aug 11, 2015
anyone on here ever owned a later c4? thinking of maybe getting one in the spring and don't a whole ton about these cars and would like a few pointers on what to look out for and what to stay away from-any info is greatly appreciated thanks

Slayer I had a 94 with an LT1. It had a decent amount of power, good fuel mileage, but I'd never buy another because of how hard it was to sell. It handled nicely, rode a bit rough. The interior is kind of cool in them. It's definitely a cool car to drive because of how high the door sills are. You feel like you're in a jet cockpit or something. C5's are a lot more fun however.


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Mar 25, 1999
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I worked at a Corvette resto shop for 2 years and saw LOT's of C4's come through
A few thoughts:

1) I wouldn't ever consider owning anything older than 1989 - that was the 1st year for the 6-speed Manual. It's the only good tranny those cars ever had.

2) 95-96 are really superior to the TPI cars for a lot of reasons. 13" Brakes, 100 extra HP with the LT4

3) Stay away from the ZR1's - yeah they are cool in concept, but those LT-5's are impossible to get parts for

4) The A-Pillar and B-Pillar weatherstrip on those car goes bad is you sneeze near it. They are ~ $200 each

5) Plastic interior bits are fragile and hard to find.

6) Don't ever tap the electronic gauge readouts

7) These cars eat wheel hubs/bearings, it's just a fact of life.

8) You should absolutely buy a Z51 optioned car. They got better springs/shocks and a power steering cooler

9) FX3 (electronic adjustable) shocks were garbage when they came out and are worse now.

10) Headlight motors tend to go out, sometimes you can just replace the gears instead of the whole thing.


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Jan 10, 2014
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hi guys,casper/lowend thanks for the input,what ive learned so far is that yes its definitely a buyers market and expensive parts to replace are tires,weatherstripping,carpet,seats,most interior stuff so again .....many thanks

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