camshaft sticking out the back of the block????


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Aug 31, 2000
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I just bought a 74 firebird formula. It has a chevy small block 350 in it (btw the engine build date matches the car but they didn't come with chevy engines from the factory then, did they? ). When I bought it the previous owner said the engine ran when he bought it but drove it around the block and the engine just locked up and stopped.

So I started investigating and found the engine would not turn over with the starter but would move just a tad. So I got a ratchet and put it on the crank bolt and found the motor would turn over about 1/4 turn and stop. I would reverse the rotation and same results.

I decided maybe something was stopping it from turning over at the converter of flywheel area. So I removed the inspection cover over the converter and there was a hole in it and a freeze plug (but very thin). So I looked up above the crank next to the front of the converter and I can see the camshaft sticking out about 1 inch past the block!!

So what do you guys think happened?? Ever hear of a camshaft plug popping out like that?
I removed one valve cover and the rockers all seem to be resting at zero lash where not one spring is compressed.

Love to hear your ideas, etc.

Tim :eek:


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Feb 26, 2004
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Broken cam?

I hope you didn't count on using this engine.
Until you tear it apart, you won't know if anything inside is worth keeping.

night rider

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Aug 6, 2002
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My buddy's '87 3/4 tone truck did sort of the same thing.

His camshaft brake in half, right in front of the gear and pushed out the welch plug

I also secnd what toadyoty said. The welch plug does not set the end play for the cam, the timing gear does that. So if the cam/timing gear bolts broke or came out cam could back into the welch plug and push it out


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Nov 16, 2000
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Cool. A self-uninstalling cam!

I'm betting it kicked a rod and parts of it flew up and smacked the cam in a couple pieces. Maybe you get lucky and find the cam gear bolts just let go, but I don't think so.


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Feb 27, 2004
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