Can anyone tell me if you can put a 70-73 tail pan on a 74???


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Jun 9, 2005
Ballston Spa, NY
You need 70-73 quarters, a tail panel and the associated wires and lights, cut those parts off the '74 car and weld the new parts on... it's not a simple bolt on process, but a good body man would have no problems with the swap.


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Dec 3, 2000
Farmington Hills, MI, USA
I am in the process of attempting this right now. My car needed two quarter panels so I figured that swapping the tail panel wasn't a whole lot more work. You need to change the trunk drop offs with the quarter panels. They are different. The floor pan is different also on the 74 so some custom fab work will be required to make it mate up with the new tail panel. Chris

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