Canadian built 1981 Z-28


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Feb 26, 2004
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^ Good Eye!
The build sheet says "N90" wheels too.

It was built for export to Canada in Norwood... Not built IN Canada.
It has the kph speedometer, no check engine light and no computer.

Pioneer Super tuner component head unit. (Required separate amp.)
Not factory equipment but definitely period correct.

1981 red deluxe cloth interior too. (One year interior option. Different from Carmine.)

Fabric headliner and vinyl visors. They look to be factory.

I would have expected the bezel inlay to be brown but since there is no hole for a check engine light... maybe they used the 79-80 brushed aluminum ones? (Berlinetta style)

Fantastic looking car!!!

Gary S

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Apr 14, 1999
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Like all sales ads, you can't expect accuracy. The salesman didn't know what N90 wheels are. Notice they also say it is a "rare Canadian built Camaro". Canada didn't build any Camaros in those days, and the VIN plainly states Norwood, which we all know is not in Canada. It is a "built for Canada" car.
It is a very nice clean car, and much more desirable than one built for the US in 1981.

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