Carb Secondary Hesitation


Sep 23, 2017
I am chasing a hesitation from part throttle to WOT.

What I have:
383 stroker with roller cam (.544 Intake .555 Exhaust
, 230 Intake / 236 Exhaust duration 
@ .050, 110 ° lobe separation angle). Edelbrock 600 AVS. HEI ignition (34 degrees - per Blueprint Engines recommendation).

What I've done:
The AVS has a spring adjuster for the secondary air valve. I've adjusted less tension and more tension with minimal change in hesitation. The carb also has an adjuster for the booster with three settings (lean, middle, rich). It seems to like the middle. The hesitation got worse when I changed this setting both ways.

I know I'm under-carbed but before I make a carb change I wanted to rule everything out. I don't have an AFR gauge so I feel like I'm chasing a ghost. Any recommendations?

I have an old 750 that I need to go through before I throw it on the car. If that's the answer, then its a relatively easy fix.

Thanks for the help!


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Jun 17, 2006
I have 2 of those Eddy AVS carbs I have tested. Don't be afraid to crank that spring up on the sec side flap plate. On my 800 AVS I have it pretty tight and my Camaro ran very well at the track with it and 0 hesitations. Heck back in the day we used to help the Mopar guys with those AVS's all time tuning cars for people.

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