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Oct 6, 2005
Sugar Land, Texas
Yes I know it is not always "complete' depends on shops reporting habits.
This an older car not a 2nd gen Greatness. But a model for whatever I have been interested in.
It is in Las Vegas area, allegedly from Arizona.
Guy says it has rebuilt title which can vary wildly.
What like to determine when it was totaled and any knowledge on having the title rebranded to rebuit title. Or anyway to verify if it was fixed correctly.
I do know cars get totaled sometimes for not major work.
Any how if anyone has access to Carfax or any other type of daybase to get more infonon the car.
It's a 2003 Z06. Yes I want a c7 z06 or even a c6 z06. Maybe in the future. Depending where life takes me.
Here is the VIN 1G7YY12S135113150


PS, gonna get my 72 home before end of summer.😁 just working on getting my 02 Z28 sold.


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Nov 3, 2015
At least you know it has a rebuilt title.
A dealership salesman friend gave me his carfax account years ago, i got bored and looked up some of our old vehicles to see what it said about them. A salesman had a Taurus station wagon that was demolished in an accident. got broad sided and spun around and hit some stuff, bounced off that stuff and hit some more stuff. the car drove down the road crooked and didnt have 1 straight piece of sheet metal on it. nobody got hurt, and the car was just hilarious to look at. like, it just couldnt be any more messed up. obviously the car was totaled by our ins co.
Car fax showed nothing about this accident, and the car was still on the road.
Apr 30, 2015
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Being in sales and lending for a living I can tell you this, rebuilt/salvage/flood titles basically cut the value in half so just keep that in mind before you buy. Also keep in mind that if you do buy it, it will be more difficult to sell later becasue of this. Lastly, most banks/credit unions will not finance anything with a branded title.


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May 21, 2014
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Also keep in mind that if you do buy it, it will be more difficult to sell later becasue of this.
Exactly. I see it all the time on CL and FB Marketplace. Great looking vehicles, low miles, decent prices and then wham! Right at the end of the descriptions: rebuilt title. Then I watch them pop up on my searches over and over for months on end.

I can see a rebuilt title affecting financing, but I wonder if it affects insurance, too. I would just stay away from rebuilt titles. Too much of a headache all the way around. Just like "bill of sale only", I move on to the next ad. Too many other cars with clear titles to choose from.

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Jan 25, 2011
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I've done a few rebuilds over the years. Light hits and theft recoveries. I fixed them and then I drove the wheels off them and then sold them for decent money but always disclosed the rebuilt title to possible buyers. As some would say they most likely drove the vehicle to the accident.
Many branded titles are theft vehicles. My 98 Wrangler LS swapped was a theft. The hood and grille was dented other wise not a scratch.
Are insurance companies required to post to Car Fax if a car is damaged?
On my light damaged builds I paid a body man to inspect it with me to get his opinion. I would never touch a vehicle with frame damage.
Another thing some would claim the repaired vehicle has been inspected by the state. In MN that means before you can get the "new" branded title from the state you have to bring it to an inspection station with all your repair receipts and pics prior to repairing the vehicle. The state is not looking at or certifying the quality of the repair, they looking for stolen parts. So buyer beware.


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Oct 6, 2005
Sugar Land, Texas
All great responses that why I am trying to get all the info on the car. Yes price reflects the rebuilt title 😁. The car is in another state and about an 18 hour drive.
As far as resell I drive my stuff for ever lol. Just sold my 04 Tahoe with 300k + miles.
The seller has told me all the issues which seem to be common with the model.
Not in a got to have mode so if I can get all the info I can figure out if it is worth it.
Anyone know a used car inspector in the Las Vegas area? If so how much do they charge?



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Oct 1, 2020
As for insurance there should be no problem getting comprehensive and collision coverage. If there is a loss they will value the vehicle with the knowledge of the salvage/ branded title. You will get less in the payout but of course this should not matter if you bought for the correct price and did not overpay.


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Sep 24, 2014
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Since we're in a huge rabbit hole, here's what I think I know. Carfax is an ENOUMOUS data base, so basically it's "garbage in, garbage out". I've seen erroneous reports on cars that have been fixed at my shop. Also know of extensive damages not reported. Example; Friend bought a beautiful low mileage newer black Mustang GT convertible. Paid up for it. Tried to sell it at auction and was arbitrated for undisclosed frame damage. He brought it to me to look at and I immediately recognized it. Was fixed at a friend's independent shop. Car had a little over 300 miles when wrecked. Young girl driving, dropped something and was reaching over to the passenger side floor and hit a pole. Over 22K damage. No car fax.
Recently had an insurance co total a car that had a market value of 23K+ which had only 8.2K damage. Total threshold around here is usually 75% of market. That's roughly 36% of the value, less than half the threshold.
Salvage values are through the roof because of the lack of available O.E. and aftermarket parts, and salvage parts are at an all-time high. It seems the insurance companies would rather write them off as a total loss than go through the "hurry up and wait" process anymore. Add in the expense of rentals (and the lack of available rentals) and it makes sense from a monetary standpoint.
From what I gather, the info comes from police and fire reports, possibly some shops (not sure, don't know any locally that participate) but mostly from insurance companies. And yes, there is money involved.