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Dec 7, 2014
All great responses that why I am trying to get all the info on the car. Yes price reflects the rebuilt title 😁. The car is in another state and about an 18 hour drive.
As far as resell I drive my stuff for ever lol. Just sold my 04 Tahoe with 300k + miles.
The seller has told me all the issues which seem to be common with the model.
Not in a got to have mode so if I can get all the info I can figure out if it is worth it.
Anyone know a used car inspector in the Las Vegas area? If so how much do they charge?

You nailed the crux of it. Have someone lay eyes on it, look for evidence of why it has rebuilt title. As some say, it could be as simple as a theft issue, light or even no damage. And if price reflects the title, you may have a real bargain.